Welcome! We are a mother (Peachie) – daughter (Corrie) team operating in Alexandria, Virginia.

It is our pleasure to make carefully prepared, natural, great-tasting breads and desserts that both evoke and satisfy nostalgia for home.

We use high-quality King Arthur flours, Eggland’s Best eggs, locally-grown fruit and vegetables when available, and real sugar and butter. My mom and I are proud to bake our breads in pans made in the USA and package them in recyclable materials.

We invite you to “Treat Yourself – Naturally.”

Our Story

It all started when my parents, Long Island, New York natives were relocated with the military to the Florida panhandle in 1977. At that time, Jewish delicatessens and Italian New York style pizza were non-existent. In an attempt to adjust to their new surroundings, my mom taught herself how to make bread. She would go on to teach her mother and her sister, and then eventually my siblings and I.

It wasn’t until 2009 that I realized the full impact of this legacy. I was feeling the ever-increasing pace of life in Northern Virginia as a young professional and newlywed. I was frustrated that I didn’t seem to have the time to carefully prepare the natural, nutritious food I had grown up eating.

By January 2010, I was suffering from chronic fatigue and decided to resign from my job. What started as a personal crisis has become a tremendous blessing in my life. I would have never imagined the number of blessings that could come from such a frustrating and painful time in my life. These last few years have allowed me to work very closely with my mom and learn from her. And, not just about baking. We’re doing things that we had long dreamt of but never thought we would ever have the chance to do.

Peachie with Bread Bear

In short, my mom, known to our family as “Peachie” is my inspiration. Thank you for stopping by!


6 Responses to About

  1. nate holman says:

    i just had a great lunch with your dad kurt! he told me of this web site, looks deliscious! your dad and i have worked in resp a long time. i worked with him in pediatrics at uva in early nineties. he is a joy to know. had not seen him in 16 years or more. i’m gonna give ya some business. names nate…….. great web site great idea!! i’ll be back… what is your 1st name? i once met you when your were may even elementary school! take care, will be in touch. nate

  2. Steve Draper says:

    I returned from a business trip to Colorado, tired and hungry for home-cooked meals. My wife had defrosted your loaf of pinwheel bread. Outstanding taste and, in the quiet of the early morning, with a smooth cup of coffee, good for the soul. Thanks.

  3. jdmort10 says:

    Peachie’s treats…are you the granddaughter of Lee Dunbar. If so, would you contact me please?

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