November Birthdays – Vintage Floral Pie Bar

Dear Friends,

We decided to do a Pie Bar for this month’s treats after perusing countless fun ideas on Pinterest! In addition to fresh-from-the-orchard apples and pie crust leaf accents, we used a lovely seasonal floral paper from Rifle Paper Company (we love them!) for the decorations/packaging.


Here’s the menu:

  • Apple Cranberry Pie with Pecan Shortbread Crust
  • Snickerdoodle Pie with Butter Crust
  • Mini Pumpkin Pies with Butter Crusts





Apple Cranberry. Layers of Granny Smith, York, and Fuji apples (from Syria, Virginia) interspersed with dried cranberries and butter – this dense, juicy pie defines the fall season! The recipe calls for a crust and lattice top made of toasted pecan shortbread which perfectly complements the fruit. The shortbread was a little tricky to work but the effect that it creates is worth it.



Snickerdoodle. Oh my! What I thought was simply a cookie in pie form turned out to be so much more! It just might be better than the actual cookie with its two layers of melted cinnamon sugar butter. The recipe contains a number of steps, none of which are difficult, so it does take some time. We paired this outrageous filling with a nicely salted flaky butter crust. Yum!



When online shopping for pie boxes at Big River Packaging (my favorite box site), I came across boxes for individual slices and an accompanying wax paper insert template. The boxes are well made and feature a window so the recipient can eagerly anticipate their treat. At last, pie sharing is now feasible and attractive! Templates and decoration ideas for these cute and functional boxes are all over Pinterest. Will have to try them to compare 🙂



Mini Pumpkin. These festive and adorable little treats were so fun to make and even more fun to eat! We use the filling recipe on the back of the Libby can with one other secret ingredient 🙂






Lastly, we made little felt owls (pattern available in the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication, Make It Yourself, Fall/Winter 2013) for our Thanksgiving order customers to convey our heart-felt appreciation for their loyalty and enthusiasm.



corrie @ Peachie’s Treats



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