April Bread of the Month

Dear Friends,

We had the pleasure of making Iced Hot Cross Buns in celebration of the Easter Holiday and Provencal Herb Bread, which we baked in tiny terracotta pots.

April BOTM Sign

Our Hot Cross Buns are one of the best things we make – soft, fluffy, lightly-spiced and lightly-sweetened buns, studded with raisins, and topped with vanilla buttercream. This family recipe has marked my favorite holiday for decades, making it very special for me. How the Easter holiday reminds us of the new life that’s possible, just as we’re seeing new plant life come up from the ground and all around never ceases to delight me!

Provencal Herb Bread in Terracotta Pot

And, speaking of new plant life, how about all those happy gardening memories (let’s forget the weeds for the moment :)) of digging in the dirt, seeing delicious vegetables and herbs grow, and then getting to eat the things you’ve grown. While we didn’t harvest our own herbs for these breads, we did use plenty of dried Herbs de Provence, including lavender, as well as parmesan cheese, and Yukon Gold potatoes. This bread is heavenly, toasted and dipped in olive oil! It’s my favorite way to bring on the warmer weather 🙂


corrie @ Peachie’s Treats


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