January Bread of the Month

Dear Friends,

Here are the pictures from our Bread of the Month selection for January. We made Kaiser Rolls topped with Poppy and Sesame Seeds as well as Glazed Cheesecake Bread.

 Kaiser Rolls 1

The rolls are quite versatile – great for sandwiches or toasting with jam. Our family has affectionately named them “Coney Rolls” for my grandmother who has transformed them into magic pillows of deliciousness. Hers look so much different than Peachie’s or my own – I guess we have each placed our unique stamp on them – but the taste remains consistent.

 Kaiser Roll Sesame Seeds

Kaiser Roll Plain

Kaiser Roll Poppy Seeds

Kaiser Rolls 2

The Cheesecake Bread is quite like a cheese Danish in taste and appearance. It is truly impossible to eat just one piece! We top this dessert bread with a vanilla glaze.

 Glazed Cheesecake Bread


corrie @ Peachie’s Treats


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