December Birthdays – Holiday Flavors

Dear Friends,

We can’t believe that this year is just about over! We hope it’s been a good one for you! Peachie and I have been looking forward, as we do every year, to eating specific treats with holiday seasonal flavors: cranberry, gingerbread, and mocha.

We had the pleasure of making:

  • Chocolate Gingerbread Cake with Silky Chocolate Ganache Filling and topped with Ginger Buttercream Icing
  • Cranberry Swirl Bread
  • Mocha Nut Balls

Chocolate Gingerbread Cake

Chocolate Gingerbread Cake. The picture really doesn’t do this cake justice. Imagine the most incredibly moist gingerbread you’ve ever had laced with chocolate. Add to that, two layers of ganache. And, top it all off with luscious fresh ginger buttercream – sweet with an unexpected twist. Yum!

Cranberry Swirl Bread

Cranberry Swirl Bread. We gave this bread a permanent place in our repertoire after making it last year. That cranberry filling is to die for!

Mocha Nut Ball 1

Mocha Nut Balls. These cookies also have a permanent place as both Peachie and I consider them our go-to cookie for ultimate satisfaction! They might not look like much, but the balance of flavors is perfect and they literally melt in your mouth. They are moist, buttery chocolate and coffee cookies studded with walnuts and rolled in powdered sugar.

Mocha Nut Ball 2


corrie @ Peachie’s Treats


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