November Birthdays – Coffee as Inspiration

Dear Friends,

Hope this entry finds you well. I don’t know about you, but coffee inspires me. It warms my soul. I love thinking about its richness and warmth, the way it allows you to slow down and savor life, and of course, all the happy memories it generates.

November Sign - Coffee as Inspiration

Growing up in a family of tea drinkers, I rarely tasted coffee or felt the need to do so. The only exception was a significant one: my maternal grandparents would prepare it every morning and when we spent the night as kids, our first moments awake would involve smelling that haunting aroma.

I don’t remember liking the taste, but I always associated the smell with them, whom I love so dearly. When I got older, I’d have the occasional ice coffee at their house, but I think that it was more a matter of their love for me that made it special rather than the drink ranking high among my taste experiences.

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart 1

I also tried it again in college, attempting to use it for all-nighters. But, it left me so jittery that I couldn’t study, and then on top of that, I also hadn’t slept. Not exactly a recipe for success. So, I was very surprised to fall in love with it in 2010 on a trip to Costa Rica. I just loved how they prepared it with equal parts coffee to milk and sweetened like a dessert. On the trip, we were able to tour the fields, learn about the importance of slope and sun, and open the tiny, bright red seed pockets that usually contain two distinct coffee beans. Hearing about all the preparations necessary to bring this treat to the world is truly amazing. What an incredible little bean! I’m hooked, well, sort of! 🙂

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart 2

We tried to knit various meaningful aspects of coffee – richness and warmth, and a break from the grind, and the memories – into a cohesive unit of deliciousness for this month’s order. To convey the richness of this prized drink, we used hazelnut flavor – my favorite coffee accent – to point us towards a decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Tart. In order to recreate the greatly anticipated afternoon coffee break experience, we went with a simple, lightly sweetened dessert that truly lets the coffee shine: our intensely satisfying New York Style Crumb Coffee Cake. To evoke memories associated with coffee, we used it in the both the filling and the icing for our Iced Cappuccino Rolls. Finally, we tied it all together with packaging details like burlap, coffee bean paper (with a neat pattern of raised bean-like spots), coffee-stained parchment paper with indistinctive cursive writing, and ribbon with repeating coffee mugs and steam.

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart Slice 1

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart. This tart is AMAZING! The crust is buttery and sweet with a fudge center containing the hazelnut liqueur, Frangelico, and a top layer of toasted hazelnuts. The recipe is from the beloved Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. See San Fran – Bakery Tour & Other Highlights for more fun details.

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart Slice 2

Crumb Coffee Cake 1

New York Style Crumb Coffee Cake. This afternoon treat appeared faithfully (and was devoured faithfully) on my childhood kitchen table. You could say that it has stood the test of time. Perfect with tea or coffee, and for nearly any occasion.

 Crumb Coffee Cake 2

Crumb Coffee Cake 3

Iced Cappuccino Rolls. These rolls are a variation on our very popular Iced Cinnamon Rolls and really hit the spot! Though, if you’re consuming them with coffee, I don’t believe the coffee filling is especially noticeable. So, these are best if you have no coffee around and really need a fix. 🙂

Cappuccino Roll 1

Cappuccino Roll 2


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