June Birthdays – Mason Jars

Happy Summer Friends!
It’s finally warm outside and we’re loving it! We chose mason jars for our theme this month after a lucky paper find in an obscure bin of discounted craft items! Then, we added a coordinating mason jar stamp from Paper Source.

Mason Jar Sign 1

Mason Jar Sign 2

Mason Jar Tag

This month’s featured treats were:

• Key Lime Jar Pies with Whipped Cream
• Mint Mocha Cookies with White Chocolate Ganache
• Fantasy Bars with Pecans, White Chocolate, and Caramel

Key Lime Jar Pies

Key Lime Jar Pie 1

The Key Lime Jar Pies are a repeat from last year, but as good as they are, I don’t think anyone minded 🙂 I found lime embellishments at Michaels which I added to picks to signify the flavor.

Key Lime Jar Pie 2

Mint Mochas 1

Mint Mochas are one of two treats that I simply cannot resist. So, needless to say, I had to fit more exercise into my week! The first time we made these heavenly combinations of mint, chocolate, and coffee was for the Italian-themed wedding we baked for in 2013. We have, however, made a slight upgrade since then to the white chocolate.

Mint Mochas 2

Mint Mocha

For the wedding, we melted the white chocolate in order to drizzle it over the cookies. But, the chocolate hardens as it dries. I wanted a soft white chocolate to match the soft, chewiness of the cookie. White chocolate is especially finicky when it comes to melting because it can seize up without any warning. We took a chance on adding just a bit of heavy whipping cream to the chocolate before melting and then stirring constantly until the cream was incorporated. This did the trick; hopefully, we can continue to achieve these results.

Fantasy Bars 1

Fantasy Bars 2

Lastly, we made a new recipe, Fantasy Bars, replicating a treat we love from the Italian Store in Arlington. In our research, the term “fantasy” seemed to refer to any bar with a gooey center and the variations were truly endless.

Fantasy Bars 3

Fantasy Bars 4

The bar recipe we used consists of two layers of chocolate chip cookie dough with a ribbon of homemade caramel sauce, pecans, and white chocolate chips. These bars are to die for – simple, satisfying, candy bar-like but without all the sugar. We added little flags and cut them small so multiple people could try them.

June Dessert Table 1

June Dessert Table 2

June Dessert Table 3

corrie @ Peachie’s Treats


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