February 2014 Birthdays – Valentines

Hello Friends,
It’s that sweet and often pink time of year! But, hey, I’ll take it because winters are often hard. My favorite way to celebrate the “holiday” is to bring and send things to my friends. I started this tradition when I was single, not wanting to dwell on the lack of a significant other, but rather on the fact that I was loved and on how I could share that love.

Valentines Goodies

We learned how to make macarons last year and decided to take that expertise and make Heart-Shaped Raspberry Macarons which we filled with White Chocolate Ganache. What a great combo!

Heart-Shaped Raspberry Macaron

Like everyone else at this time of year, we wanted to incorporate a bright pink color in our color scheme. However, as many of you know, this is especially challenging for us with our commitment to all-natural, no dyes, and no preservatives. You’ll be happy to know that with some research, we were able to use freeze-dried raspberries in the macarons, and as you’ll see below, frozen raspberries in our buttercream icing for the Chocolate Pound Cakes. We are continuing to learn that compromise really isn’t necessary – you can eat something delicious, all-natural, and beautiful.

Heart-Shaped Raspberry Macaron 2

The challenging part of this macaron with ganache experiment was creating a spreadable white chocolate layer, given how white chocolate seizes up so easily. After following a number of basic Google-able white chocolate ganache recipes, I realized that much more cream is necessary and even then, you’ve only got a 50-50 chance. Did I mention how much magic (or, in our case – prayer) goes into our experiments 🙂

The heart shape technique took a little getting used-to. It’s basically piping two upside-down teardrops together. Our hearts wouldn’t win any prizes for accuracy, but I think they manage to bring the point across.

Lemon PC Luscious Lemon Buttercream

We also made heart-shaped pound cakes:
– Lemon with Luscious Lemon Buttercream and
– Chocolate with All-Natural Raspberry Buttercream

Chocolate PC Raspberry Buttercream 1

To make the raspberry buttercream, we added about 1/4 cup frozen raspberries (per one batch icing) to the powdered sugar, butter, vanilla, and milk and combined the ingredients with an electric whisk. We are eager to use this idea with strawberries.

Chocolate PC Raspberry Buttercream 2

No matter how (or if) you celebrated Valentine’s Day, we hope you felt the love of family and friends this month!


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