A Vintage Gluten-Free Birthday

Dear Friends,
Just wanted to share our latest gluten-free (gf) baking adventure for a lovely lady we’ve recently become better acquainted with! We made gf chocolate cupcakes using our favorite gf flour blend with our richest chocolate cake recipe, Devil Mountain Coconut Cake (sans the coconut). We topped them with our buttercream icing and light pink sprinkles and mounted them on cream wire stands. They were completely adorable and delicious!

GF Chocolate Cupcakes 1

We’re happy to report that there was no discernible difference in taste or texture. If you didn’t know it, you’d think you were eating a regular, moist, chocolate cupcake. However, the cupcakes were very delicate. It’s been our experience using non-gf formulated recipes that the stability of the treat is somewhat compromised, despite using additional xanthan gum. But, this is a disadvantage we’re willing to live with if only we can keep our taste buds happily uninformed!

GF Chocolate Cupcakes 2

We also baked our signature Vintage Almond Pound Cake for the celebration and used a dusty rose, cream, and black color scheme.

Vintage Almond 1

Vintage Almond 2

We wanted something vintage, sophisticated, feminine, and unique. I was thrilled to find the polka dot toile “flowers”, the glossy black shells, and the vintage labels with just the right mix of cream, black, and flora and fauna at Michaels.

Vintage Almond 3

Vintage Birthday Sign

corrie @Peachie’s Treats


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