Con Amore – An Italian Wedding

Buon Pomeriggio Amicos Mios,
We had the neatest opportunity over the summer to work on treats for an Italian-themed wedding – our first big event – which was held at the Running Hare Vineyard near Solomons Island, Maryland this past month.

Running Hare 2

Happy Couple

My husband, Jeff, and I know the happy couple through his work and so we were super excited to hear that they wanted Peachie’s Treats to help convey and celebrate their heritage.

Running Hare 5

Running Hare 3

Running Hare 4

The strategizing was a lot of fun – with all the usual flavors: coffee, chocolate, lemon, and fig. The couple decided on Mint Mocha Cookies and Cucidati (Italian Fig Cookies) for their gift boxes for out-of-town guests, Chewy Chocolate-Filled Biscotti and Limoncellos (Lemon Sandwich Cookies) for their tables, and Cappuccino Rolls for their coffee bar. It was a fairly extensive effort for us but the experimenting paid off. We’re happy to eventually include these treats in our menu lineup.

Printed Menu

Mint Mocha 1

We made Mint Mocha Cookies with a white chocolate drizzle that are to die for! These cookies were actually described as “life changing” by one of the guests. The combination of chocolate, coffee, and mint is irresistible.

Mint Mocha 2

Bakery Box with Logo

We packaged these in little bakery boxes with our logo.

Cucidati 1

We also found an authentic Italian fig cookie recipe through the Proud Italian Cook blog (recipe for X-Cookies by Nick Malgieri) that is delicious as well as exotic. The filling is incredibly moist with rum, apricot jam, and candied orange peel. Making these cookies was truly a labor of love and we were happy to do it for Bob & Danielle. But, these will not be appearing on our menu any time soon 🙂

Cucidati 2

CCF Biscotti 1

We also included our signature Chewy Chocolate-Filled Biscotti, but without nuts. In fact, we omitted nuts from all the desserts that originally called for them as Danielle has a severe nut allergy.

CCF Biscotti 2

Limoncellos 1

The Limoncellos were the most fun treat we made because they were so bright and citrus-y and easy. We didn’t actually use any real Limoncello liquor in them but the name was immediately what came to mind when eating the cookies. We basically tweaked a chewy sugar cookie recipe with zested lemon peel, lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a lemon filling that will make the most hard-core citrus aficionados pucker! In other words, it is Jeff-approved 🙂 We packaged these sandwiches in tiny accordion-style papers with navy and white twine.

Limoncellos 2

Table Display

The wedding colors were navy blue, sage green, and lots of sunflowers! The sunflowers made everything so cheery and fit so well with their vineyard venue. Great job Danielle! Everything was gorgeous!


Cappuccino Rolls 1

Finally, for the Cappuccino Rolls, we switched our usual Cinnamon Roll filling for a coffee-flavored one to go with their theme. These soft rolls go down a little too easy with a cup of coffee.

Cappuccino Rolls 2

Hope you enjoyed these pictures of the wedding! And, a special thank you to Bob & Danielle for the wonderful opportunity!

corrie @ Peachie’s Treats


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