Pearls & Tweed – September Birthdays

Dear Friends,
We are so glad that the hot days of summer are over and the chilly fall weather is just around the corner. And, to get the new season started right, we broke out our favorite fall patterns and materials: tweed bow ties, pearl necklaces, herringbone cupcake papers, and velvet and satin ribbon. We were so excited to debut our September treats in full autumnal sophistication:

• Browned Butter & Maple Cupcakes
• Mini Chocolate & Pecan Pies
• Cinnamon & Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Browned Butter & Maple Cupcakes. These tasty and classy little cakes rise to an all-new level with browned butter and maple syrup. It is truly incredible how the simple step of browning the butter makes such a difference in the taste. And, when it’s combined with maple syrup, well, it’s pretty delightful.

Browned Butter & Maple Cupcake

The directions to make it are just like the name suggests. Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium high heat, stirring constantly, just until it starts to turn brown. Take the pot off the heat, as the butter will continue to brown. And, voila! Browned butter, with all its luscious nuttiness, can be added to cake batters, icings, pasta, and vegetables. Go enjoy some!

Mini Chocolate & Pecan Pies. We have been waiting all year long for fall to begin so we can start making pies! For this month, we made a butter crust and added chocolate chips to the classic pecan pie recipe – so good! What we liked most about adding the chocolate was how it cuts the overall sweetness and adds to the gooey consistency you look forward to when eating this pie.

Mini Chocolate & Pecan Pie

There is a quote from a well-known Southerner’s mother that I once read in the Southern Living magazine that always comes to mind when eating or making this pie. Since I couldn’t recall it verbatim I took the chance that someone else recorded it and I was right! Here’s the quote listed on the blog, All Kinds of Things:

If there’s something you dislike on the surface, keep digging – My mother always said that if you don’t like nuts, it’s okay to spit them out, but the rest of a pecan pie was too good to miss. This philosophy has been my guiding light.

What a great way of saying it!

Mini Chocolate & Pecan Pie - Crossection

Cinnamon & Sour Cream Coffee Cake. We chose this particular coffee cake from our coffee cake selection for this month because it is the most impressive-looking. This moist cake towers high with pockets of cream cheese and a decent layer of cinnamon crumbs, and is tied together with a simple glaze.

Cinnamon & Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Just the other day, Peachie and I were discussing how coffee cakes have fallen out of favor in recent times, or perhaps never gained traction south of the Mason Dixon. She recalled how often she would eat them with friends in New York and how people always brought them when they would visit. Coffee cakes are misunderstood and therefore, underappreciated in my opinion. Because they aren’t flashy, piled with at least three inches of neon frosting, they don’t garner the usual attention. But, what coffee cakes lack in flare, they make up for in satisfaction. A piece of this cake with a cuppa tea is just the ticket! They’re light, contain much less sugar than traditional cakes, and actually taste nourishing. And, because a number of them contain cinnamon, you can look forward to seeing coffee cakes on our fall and winter menus!

Cinnamon & Sour Cream Coffee Cake-2

Is there a dessert that you feel is underappreciated? Let us know and we’ll send you a code for 30% off your next order!

corrie @ Peachie’s Treats


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