Sunshine and Clouds – August Birthdays

Dear Friends,
We hope you’ve been able to enjoy the last days of summer and soak up enough sun to get you through the upcoming winter. August is one of those months with crazy weather; sunshine and heat one day and clouds and rain the next. And, our weather here in Northern Virginia was especially unusual with the arrival of a cold front the second week signaling fall around the corner only to return to shocking heat. As much as I’m complaining, I have to say that I like rain as much as I like sunshine; I just prefer to have more sunny days than rainy.

August Birthday Sign

We used a weather theme for our desserts this month – it just seemed to fit:

• Rustic Almond & Peach Tarts
• Raspberry White Chocolate Brownies
• Devil Mountain Coconut Cake

Rustic Almond & Peach Tart 1

We made Rustic Almond & Peach Tarts using an adaptation of a King Arthur Flour recipe and they turned out splendidly. Peachie and I have long desired to have a signature peach dessert in the lineup and I think this is it. We used almond meal instead of almond flour for the crust and filling and came away with a soft and chewy texture. Each tart was topped with sliced peaches and a simple almond glaze.

Rustic Almond & Peach Tart 2

Rustic Almond & Peach Tart 3

Our Peach Tree

My husband and I bought a peach tree in April in anticipation of all the peach jam, tarts, kuchens, and rolls we could make come August each year. The young tree actually sprouted a number of green, fuzzy round balls, each with a beautiful fragrance. I was delighted that we would have something (albeit small and few) to use for our menu. However, before the peaches could grow and ripen, they were all plucked off by some critters that have officially made my blacklist (they know who they are). I plan to cover the tree with a net next year and see how we do 🙂

Raspberry & White Chocolate Brownie 1

We also made Raspberry White Chocolate Brownies using fresh (as opposed to frozen) raspberries in a blonde brownie base over which we swirled melted white chocolate. These brownies are so pretty, light and chewy. The best part about these treats is that you feel like you’re eating a fresh raspberry. Somehow these brownies encapsulate the raspberry preserving its original shape, color, and intensity. This is breaking news for all those raspberry lovers out there!

Raspberry & White Chocolate Brownie 2

Devil Mt Chocolate Coconut Cake 1

Finally, we made a chocolate coconut cake that we affectionately named Devil Mountain Coconut Cake. This quintessential cake is moist, dense, and rich with pockets of shredded coconut and a silky chocolate top layer. This is, without a doubt, the best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten and this statement comes from a woman who has had more than her fair share of chocolate cake over her lifetime.

Devil Mt Chocolate Coconut Cake 2

Peachie and I decided on the name in an interesting way. Years ago, there was a young man who had stayed for a time with my parents that thoroughly enjoyed everything that Peachie cooked or baked. Just watching him enjoy Peachie’s food was an experience in itself. He would roll his eyes while he heartily devoured the food all while raving about how good it was. When referring to beloved dishes that Peachie had made in the past, he would forget the original name of the dish and come up with his own. When referring to any decadent dessert with chocolate, it was called Devil Mountain. Of course, his antics with desserts are comical, but also special. He really appreciated the food and he really appreciated Peachie. After trying this cake, the only thing we could think of was how it qualified as a Devil Mountain dessert and how we wanted a more constant reminder of our friend and his pure, unadulterated joy. And, we hope that we can pass that same feeling along to you, our customer.

Have you guessed it by now? Peachie and I like to feed people. There is something really meaningful for us in the process of making food and seeing people enjoy it. We hope that when you eat our treats, you feel cared for.

Thanks for walking alongside us each month as we share our passion,


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