April Birthdays & Cherry Blossoms

One of my absolute favorite things about the DC area is the arrival of the cherry blossoms in late March, early April. And, this year we were prepared to celebrate!

Cardinal in Cherry Tree

We made Cherry Orange Scones, Orange Creamsicle Cookies, and Tiramisu Brownies and decorated them with blossoms and burlap. In the process of preparing this order, we realized how much we love the challenge of discovering and paring complementary and contrasting desserts and unifying them with specific themes. And, we are so thankful to our customers for all of the opportunities you’ve given us to do this!

April Birthday Sign

Knome in Teacup

Cherry Orange Scones. If you think that scones are more similar to a hockey puck than to a delicious and satisfying dessert, you would be right. That is, except in this case. These scones will be the best you’ve ever tasted! Our scones are delicate but do not crumble and stay moist for several days. And, the hint of orange in both the dough and the glaze nicely complements the cherries. This combination is tasty and relies on very little sugar. While these scones are perfect for serving with tea, they also make an excellent addition to a Saturday morning brunch.

Cherry Orange Scone - Decorated

Cherry Orange Scone

Orange Creamsicle Cookies. To complement the scones, we made Orange Creamsicle Cookies. The original recipe came from a hometown neighbor. Everything she made was divine, and she shared this recipe with us after repeated rave reviews. This cake-like cookie is super soft and only slightly sweet (the sweetness lies in the icing) – a little taste of heaven.

Orange Creamsicle Cookies 1

Orange Creamsicle Cookies 2

Tiramisu Brownies. In order round out the trio, we had to include some chocolate. No dessert celebration is truly complete without it. These treats are highly addictive with a ribbon of mascarpone cheese nestled between layers of moist, coffee-flavored brownie batter. The creator of this recipe has earned my deepest admiration for merging my favorite baked good with my favorite classic dessert. Genius! We are so excited to offer these to our customers!

Tiramisu Brownie in Teacup

Tiramisu Brownie 1

Tiramisu Brownie 2

Since we completed this order, we have found so many other bread and dessert recipes that contain cherries that we cannot wait to use for next year. Here are a few to look forward to: Chocolate Cherry Bread, Black Forest Whoopie Pies, and Cherry Crumble Bars. Do you have a favorite cherry dessert that you’d like us to try? We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for allowing us to share our baking efforts with you month after month!
corrie @ Peachie’s Treats


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