Elementary School Career Day Featuring Peachie’s Treats

I had the extreme pleasure of participating in a career day for an elementary school in Alexandria! A friend of mine teaches third, fourth, and fifth graders and asked if I’d be willing to share my experiences as a baker and entrepreneur with the kids. Of course, I immediately jumped at the chance, but then wondered what kind of information they’d be interested in.

Before I go any further, I must say how incredibly impressed I was with the kids and the school staff!!! I was welcomed immediately – the kids even carried all my “gear” to the classroom. I was not prepared for how interested the kids looked or for how many volunteered for the interactive parts of my presentation.

Corrie Presenting 1

So, I thought I would explain the general bread making process and as I did that, show them how to proof yeast and knead the dough. It was so fun to see their faces as they saw the yeast become creamy and take over the bowl and as they felt the cold dough and pushed it across the table.

Yeast Proofing 2

Yeast Proofing

Dough Kneading

Corrie Presenting 2

One of the best parts of the experience was that the students attending my presentation had all chosen me. The school was able to ask each student for their preferences and deliver either their first or second choice out of five. This was very meaningful for me – I felt so honored!

One of my goals with my presentation was to show the kids how easy it really is to make bread and how fun 🙂 I didn’t want them to feel like they had to wait until they were older to become bakers. I gave each student our French Bread recipe that I had demonstrated as well as the bread making process directions. I also prepared pizza twists using our French Bread recipe for the kids – which must have been a real hit considering that we had some defectors from other presenters by the third presentation 🙂

I realized afterwards that I hardly touched on the “running a business” aspect of what I do. In thinking about it more, I determined that while this part takes up more time – it isn’t the part that I’m passionate about. I wanted to share what drives me: cherishing the opportunity to work with and learn from my mom, creating something delicious and beautiful out of ordinary ingredients, and delighting customers with our uniquely-inspired ideas, attention to detail, and care for what we do.

Hope you enjoy the shots of our day!
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