Holiday Season Recap

Happy New Year Friends!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! We just loved baking for you and thought you might like to see the pictures from some of our projects.

Spiced Eggnog PC 1

We had the great pleasure of preparing client/vendor Christmas gifts for the Barbara Franceski Interior Design firm. We baked Spiced Eggnog Pound Cakes, Mini Rum Fudge Cakes, and Dark Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Tarts.

Spiced Eggnog PC 2

Mini Rum Fudge 1

This pound cake is dense, moist, and marbled with spiced batter. But, best of all, it is topped with eggnog icing! We modified our buttercream icing with fantastic results! The rum fudge cakes are light and moist, with notes of rum flavor and bits of chocolate. And, the raspberry tarts are the perfect blend of butter cookie, chocolate, and fruit!

Spiced Eggnog PC 3

Spiced Eggnog PC 4

Spiced Eggnog PC 5

Mini Rum Fudge 2

Mini Rum Fudge 3

Mini Rum Fudge 4

Dark Chocolate Dip RT 2

Dark Chocolate Dip RT 3

Dark Chocolate Dip RT 4

Because each gift needed to incorporate all three treats and serve multiple people, we decided to package the treats on a tray. I was able to find beautiful, wood trays from A.C. Moore, the prettiest cream-colored fabric from Hancock Fabrics, and pearlized gold ribbon from Michael’s. While painting the trays took more time than I had originally planned, the effort was definitely worth it. They were really classy and I hope, useful to the recipients.

Holiday Gift 1

Holiday Gift 2

Packaging each treat in a box is the biggest challenge we face. And, this was certainly the case with these gifts. But, the process was much more fun this time! We just love the fun packaging usually used for macarons, and thought, why can’t we use it to show off our decadent raspberry tarts?

Dark Chocolate Dip RT 1

We also made the following items from our holiday menu:
*Mocha Nut Balls

Mocha Nut Balls 1

Mocha Nut Balls 2

Mocha Nut Balls 3

*Chocolate Chai Mini Loaf

Chocolate Chai Mini Loaf

*German Christmas Stollen

Christmas Stollen 1

Christmas Stollen 2

Stay tuned for our special Valentine’s Day menu coming in the next couple weeks!
corrie @ Peachie’s Treats


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