Heirlooms by Peachie

Good Afternoon,

As you may have noticed, Peachie now has her own Etsy shop, Heirlooms by Peachie, where she displays various handquilted wall hangings, table runners, baby bibs, baby blankets, table toppers, casserole carriers, and tea cozies that she’s made.

Chicken and Dishes Tea Cozy

Tea Cup Tea Cozy

Honeycomb Tea Cozy

Italian Blue and White Tea Pot Gift Basket

We added several tea cozies today as well as a gift basket. But, Peachie is making things quicker than I can take and upload the pictures 🙂 So, if there’s a category you’re interested in that isn’t yet posted, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

corrie @ Peachie’s Treats


About Peachie's Treats

Homebaked Breads & Desserts
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2 Responses to Heirlooms by Peachie

  1. Lyn Lowe says:

    Is this gift basket, or one similar, available for order? Thanks!

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