November Birthday Celebration

Good Morning Friends,

We just finished our second celebration order for November birthdays and wanted to share the pictures with you.

We baked Cinnamon Rolls in Meri Meri cupcake papers from Sur La Table and Chewy Chocolate-Filled Biscotti which we packaged in mini doilies and baker’s twine.

Don’t you just love the Meri Meri owl?! The owl was on the bottom of all the red and white cupcake papers where no one could see him. I just had to cut him out to use for the signs where he’d be in a prominent position for all to enjoy 🙂

As you can see, we tried something new with the Cinnamon Rolls, baking them individually. After some trial and error, we were able to adjust the baking time keeping moistness intact, while baking the rolls thoroughly.

To see how these stacked up against our regular offering: the 10-count pan of Cinnamon Rolls, we called in our official taste-tester. He concluded that the 10-count pan was the best because the crumb is at optimum moistness when the rolls are baked together. Point duly noted! However, the cuteness factor cannot be ignored, so we’re going to hang onto this idea 🙂

As the weather turns cold, we realize that winter is right around the corner. But, the good news is that means all of our holiday treats will soon be available. Look for Cinnamon Rolls and Chewy Chocolate-Filled Biscotti beginning in December.

Stay Warm!

corrie @ Peachie’s Treats


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