September Activities

Dear Friends,

The month of September has been really busy in the very best of ways. I am finding more than enough inspiration – in fact, it’s been a little too much as I lie awake at night thinking of more things we could do 🙂 The biggest development for our little business is the creation of a dessert menu that can be used for birthdays or virtually any other celebration. We look forward to working on our first celebration order due early October. So, more to come on that soon!

The other project I worked on was the overall decor and favors for my sister-in-law’s baby shower on 29 September. It was a real honor and, of course, my pleasure to do it. Thankfully, it came off better than expected and I learned a lot too 🙂

After perusing so many adorable and completely creative ideas on various baby shower and party websites, my mother-in-law and I thought a favor bar would be fun, with various chocolate treats from which people could choose. For the favors, we decided on Peachie’s Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie, Peachie’s Chewy Chocolate-Filled Biscotti, White Chocolate-Dipped Brownie Balls, and Hot Chocolate on a Stick.

Deciding on the color was much more difficult! But, we were thrilled with the color, Pool Blue, from Paper Source that we selected. We were going for a boy’s baby color, but wanted something less common than Baby Blue. Pool blue is sophisticated enough for a women’s party and but still very sweet looking with its ocean-like green tones.

I made two Peachie’s Treats recipes for the baby shower – Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies and Chewy Chocolate-Filled Biscotti. I used this great idea from Martha Stewart to package the cookies. You use mini CD paper sleeves.

This idea definitely works the best with a flatter cookie – like a sugar cookie or molasses cookie. The pecans and chocolate chips bulged and bunched the sleeve a bit. But, overall I was happy with how they turned out 🙂

I wanted all the treats to be small and sweet looking (as well as sweet tasting). So, I modified the Peachie’s original recipe to make the biscotti mini. They were cuter than I even imagined, however, I did lose my mind in the process.

The dough seemed especially unruly, so we won’t be offering the smaller version on our menu. Which is just as well, because once you taste it, you won’t be satisfied with a small piece.

I also made White Chocolate-Dipped Brownie Balls using Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownies and Nestle White Chocolate Chips. They couldn’t be easier!

Simply bake brownies according to printed instructions. Let cool, then form into balls. Refrigerate about one hour. Melt white chocolate using the microwave in 30-second increments until chips can be stirred with a spoon. Use candy dipping instruments or a spoon to dip each brownie ball. Let dry on wax paper. Dipped brownie balls will dry quickly (in a matter of seconds) if refrigerated prior to dipping. So be sure to apply sprinkles immediately!

And, finally, the treat I was most proud of! My mother-in-law and I made Hot Chocolate on a Stick using the recipe on Giverslog from October 2009. These darling little snow-capped puffs are the makings for a steamy cup of hot chocolate! To serve, each puff is stirred into one cup of hot milk.  She did such a great job of finding the best quality ingredients (including compostable spoons made from cornstarch!) and tempering the chocolate to make it especially shiny!

We then dipped these in Ghirardelli White Chocolate and Wilton’s Blue Pearl Sugar. They were so adorable and fun!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures – I had such a great time putting everything together! I am so happy for my sister-in-law and to welcome Baby Evan to our extended family very soon!

corrie @ Peachie’s Treats


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