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Dear Friends,

First things first: we are currently making arrangements to participate in one of the Alexandria Farmer’s Markets in the next couple weeks. We will post our schedule as soon as it’s official.

Second, besides all the paperwork and getting the kitchen ready, we’ve had a lot of fun over the last couple months baking for a good cause, baking gifts for old friends, making fruit jams, and experimenting with cereals.

Peachie’s Treats donated Cinnamon Rolls and a Vintage Almond Pound Cake as prizes to the Cash Memorial Fund raffles, hosted by my husband’s engineering consulting firm, Simpson Gumpertz and Heger in June, to support cancer research.

We had the opportunity to bake some of my favorite childhood cookie recipes for an old friend of mine. When she first asked, we told her that we didn’t make cookies. But, she said that that’s what everyone wanted. Can’t argue with that!

They turned out so well that we’re featuring them on our menu on a rotational basis. They’re soft, chewy, and decadent – everything a cookie should be. The cookie platter features Oatmeal Raisin, Old-Fashioned Molasses, and Chocolate Chip Pecan.

We also made vats of strawberry and peach jams – thick, slightly sweet, and chock full of fruit – with no extras.

In the process, unfortunately, we have become jam snobs – because store-bought just can’t compare with freshness of pure fruit. We’re excited to be able to offer these to you!

Finally, we are most excited to be able to offer wholesome cereals and granolas. It is difficult to find the right foods for breakfast. We know because we have been trying. But, now, the waiting has come to an end. We are proud of our lineup that is, of course, all-natural. Additionally, it is full of dried fruit and grains. Just pour on the milk  or sprinkle over yogurt and enjoy!  

We developed two raw muesli cereals: Chocolate Almond and Cherry Vanilla. And, we have three types of granola: Original, Tropical, and Blueberry Almond.

Hooray! Breakfast options that are delicious, quick, and super good for you!

corrie @ Peachie’s Treats


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