Are Peachie’s Treats Healthy?

I have been asked this question quite a bit recently. “The Tropical Zucchini bread is super good, but is it good for me?”

The short answer is yes. But, like most things there is a caveat. The Tropical Zucchini bread, for example, is loaded with zucchini, pineapple, coconut, and pecans. The nutritional content is very high, however, the bread also contains sugar. The good news is that we, here at Peachie’s Treats, strive to reduce the sugar in all of our treats.

Along with reducing sugar and increasing the nutritional content, we are committed to providing breads and desserts that are all-natural. All-natural means that we avoid additives, preservatives, and other artificial colors and ingredients. One way that we do this is by seeking out ingredients made by companies who share our commitment to high quality.

So, now you may be asking which treats contain the most nutritional content?

We have listed our treats in order of nutritional content from top to bottom on our printed menus as well as on the Homebaked Treats page. For each seasonal selection, we include breads made with whole grains, two sweet breakfast breads that contain fruit and/or vegetables, and two desserts. Our breads made with whole grains contain the least amount of sugar. The sugar content increases with the sweet breakfast breads and additionally with the desserts. In other words, our whole grain breads are very healthy and our sweet breakfast breads are mostly healthy. Our desserts should be reserved for special occasions.

We recommend enjoying our breads made with whole grains on a daily basis, sweet breakfast breads a few times a week, and our desserts occasionally. We hope to prove that food that is nutritionally good for you really does taste good too!


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